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What Exactly is a Sewer Line Replacement or Repair? (Our Process)

April 5, 2021

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Like any other structural component, your home's piping gets old with time. Your home's plumbing system has a variety of things running through it which is why having a basic maintenance plan in place is essential. It is only natural for a home's piping to age and develops structural issues with time, which is why plumbing & sewer maintenance slows the aging process of the piping in your home or commercial building, although it won’t deter it forever. Some pipe materials age much faster than others, especially if you have an older home or structure. Although a sewer line replacement may inconvenience your daily activities and wallet, it is a crucial effort for properties with old or damaged plumbing systems. 

Typical Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Wouldn't it be nice if one of the most essential infrastructures in our homes or office was simply unbreakable? Unfortunately, that is not the case; your residential or commercial plumbing system is bound to break down at some point. Your sewer line damage could happen in several ways.

Temperature changes could cause your sewer lines to crack. Freezing temperatures could cause pipes to become brittle, making them vulnerable to breaking. Although many pipes are designed to withstand temperature changes, sudden swings in temperature may cause them to crack. The northeast is notorious for wide swinging temperature changes, so it's even more important to make sure your home is ready.  

Invasive tree roots could also damage your sewer line. This problem is not as easy to catch and is much more common in older homes with mature landscaping. Many times the sewer line damage could be caused by the same old wear and tear. Although many pipes are highly durable, you will need to replace them eventually. 

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Sewer Line Damage Prevention

Unfortunately, some of the causes of sewer line damage are incredibly unpredictable. The fact that sewer lines run underground makes it even more challenging to determine the causes of damage. However, you could take several steps to prevent significant sewer line problems. 

One of the best ways to prevent sewer line damage is by checking them regularly. This is not an easy job for many property owners because sewer lines are buried underground. Fortunately, you may contact your local plumber for regular sewer line inspection services. The plumber may provide improvement recommendations, which are likely to cost much less than an overall replacement. 

Repair Vs. Replace

An essential factor that you may have to figure out quickly is whether to repair or replace your sewer line. A repair is usually cheaper than a total replacement if it's even an option. Obviously, the cost factor is an important consideration for most homeowners. A professional plumber may quickly repair minor cracks and damages, but it's not always that simple. However, consider replacing the entire sewer line if the damage is significant. It is easy to be tempted to opt for a cheaper repair. However, that decision may lead to substantial problems that may be more expensive to fix later on. Your plumber should provide the best recommendations for resolving your sewer line problem. 

Replacing a sewer line takes time and money but also provides excellent, lasting results. It involves digging up the entire line to get a better idea of the overall problem. Your plumber may have to dig new trenches to create space for the new pipe. In some cases, this may involve tearing up existing structures such as a patio or driveway. 

Property owners should understand their options when looking for sewer line replacement or repair services. Considering the significance of your sewer line, taking good care of it ensures that it serves you well for many years to come. 

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