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Got Water Spots on your Walls and Ceilings? Check your Pipes ASAP

March 12, 2021

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When water spots appear on a home’s walls and/or ceilings, many property owners tend to just clean them off and forget about them. However, these spots have appeared for a reason – with one of the most common causes being that of a leaking pipe or water heater that may have been installed in your ceiling or attic area. 

Most Common Causes of Water Spots on Walls and Ceilings

Some of the most common reasons why water spots appear on ceilings and walls include:

1. Leaking Pipe

Once you’ve noticed the stain on your wall or ceiling, it’s time to inspect the area immediately around it such as the roof, the floor above, and even the floorboards. 

If you’ve checked these areas and there is no obvious sign of water that’s accumulating, you’ll need to turn off all items in your home that create any type of noise. This will allow you to listen carefully to see if there are any leaks that have developed – hearing dripping or a hissing sound is usually a surefire way of knowing that a leak has developed somewhere in the pipes that may be running under flooring, behind walls, or anywhere else that pipes have been laid. 

Keep in mind that leaks can even develop in new piping, especially if joints have not been sealed properly.

2. Old Piping

Old piping will obviously be more prone to developing leaks because it will have deteriorated over time, and in cases where outdated forms of insulation have been fitted, pipes can also ‘sweat.’ This ‘sweat’ will then drip down and leave the unsightly watermarks on a home’s ceilings and walls.

3. Roof Damage

If water stains have appeared on ceilings on the top floor of your home, there’s a strong chance that roofing damage has occurred – either due to age-related deterioration or damage caused by severe weather. 

Address the Problem as Soon as Possible

After you’ve noticed the water stains, it’s essential that you contact a plumber as soon as possible. This will enable you to obtain a diagnosis on the cause of the leak and its exact location. Once this information has been obtained, the plumber will be able to let you know whether the leak(s) can be repaired or whether a section of piping will need total replacement or not. 

Leaks that have been detected in a home’s piping should not be repaired in a DIY capacity because in most cases, they will start leaking again soon afterward. A professional plumber will have all of the tools and equipment needed to ensure that leaks are properly sealed and joints are correctly done if a pipe needs replacement. 

It’s also recommended that the marks left behind by water leaks are not cleaned off until a plumber has been able to inspect the area around them. If you would like to have your home’s pipes inspected for possible leaks, schedule an appointment with our team today. 


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