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Springtime Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Prevent Costly Repairs

March 29, 2021

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Springtime is the time for spending more time outdoors, which often means using the backyard and patio for parties, get-togethers, and other fun family activities. The improved weather also offers homeowners opportunities to examine their homes and complete routine maintenance to ensure the winter weather didn't leave behind any damage. It’s essential to complete regular maintenance routines to ensure your home is ready for spring and rainy weather. Spring usually comes with a higher probability of experiencing heavy rain, so it's essential to be prepared against flooding and items that are susceptible to damage during temperature changes. 

However, many homeowners often focus on only making cosmetic improvements to their homes around this time, oftentimes ignoring their plumbing systems. Learn how springtime plumbing service and maintenance can help you prevent costly repairs and even the need for line replacement services. 

Gutter Cleaning

Clean your gutters regularly before and during spring to clear debris and dirt from blocking water flow. While you are at it, consider installing gutter protection to prevent your gutters from rusting and accumulating debris. Gutter cleaning helps to avoid overflow and damage to your property. If you have never seen a gutter overflow due to blockage during heavy rain, you don't want to. It can lead to many water problems in your home, especially if you are not there. 

Pipe Maintenance

Spring comes with temperature variations that can make your sewer lines flex and contract. This could cause cracks and leaks to develop during the winter-spring transition. Therefore, consider checking your pipes and plumbing system for signs of condensation and leakage. Leaking pipes and faucets could cause significant damage to your property, including the walls, floors, and foundation. The damage could be extremely costly to fix, depending on its extent. Look for leaks in pipes at least once per year and fix them immediately to avoid expensive damage to your home. 

Basement Waterproofing

Install a waterproofing system in your basement or crawl space to keep it dry and prevent water damage. Consider installing a basement sump pump, especially if your home is in a flood-prone area. Sump pumps prevent water damage. This device can significantly reduce the cost of repairs and expensive replacements in a flood or pipe leakage incident. 

Trust Your Local Plumber

Contact your local plumbing technician for diagnostics, drain cleaning, and repairs. A professional plumber should provide you with various sewer maintenance options for your home. They should also advise you on whether you need a complete replacement or a quick fix of your sewer system if there should be an issue. 

Indoor Plumbing Maintenance

An effective springtime maintenance plan for your home should always include a sweep of your home's current plumbing systems. Check the drains to ensure they work properly, check for slow leaks inside your home, taking your water reading when turning off your faucets for a couple of hours. If the reading changes after a few hours, then you probably have a leak somewhere. 

Check for signs of leaks inside your home, including watermarks and puddles. Your plumber should help you identify signs of leaks inside your house fairly quickly if it hasn't been hidden too much with paint. In addition, check the drains to ensure they work properly. Pour water down the drains and observe the water flow. Slow drains could be a sign of a blockage. 

You may experience a few problems with your sewer lines as temperatures warm in spring. Fortunately, you could take a few steps now to avoid costly sewer line repairs and replacement during spring maintenance. Contact Alliance Service Pros for additional springtime sewer maintenance services.  

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