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Sewage in the Yard - It's Time for a Sewer Repair Service

March 25, 2021

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Sewer line problems could come with wide-ranging risks, some of which are relatively minor, while others, such as sewage backup, could be potentially dangerous and very costly. Sewage overflow in your house or yard could cause many health complications. Unfortunately, fixing this problem is not a DIY; it requires professional assistance. One-time clogs can be relatively easy to fix. However, repeated clogs could be a sign of a much bigger problem. Sewage in your yard could also indicate extensive sewer line damage, including corrosion, root invasion, leaking joints, and sagging soil. Consider calling your plumber immediately if you suspect sewer line damage at your residence. Also, be on the lookout for signs of sewer line damage. 

Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair Service - Backups and Blockages

Call your local plumbing contractor immediately if you notice any sewage backups and blockages. An obvious sign of a severe sewer line problem is water backing up every time you flush the toilet or use your sink. A sewer line inspection is one of the best ways to identify your plumbing system problems before they worsen. 

Sewer Odor and Slow Drains

A sewer line in excellent condition should be airtight except for the vent stacks. Therefore, if you notice sewer odors in your property or yard, then your sewer line probably has a crack or clog. A slow drain is also a telltale sign of a sewer problem. Although slow drains are relatively common plumbing issues, they eventually lead to clogged drains and sewage backups. Therefore, it is essential to fix slow drains early before they become much bigger problems. 

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Soggy or Lush Spots on Your Lawn

Undetected leaks in your sewer line could cause some spots on your lawn to become soggy, raised, or damp. This could indicate the presence of excessive amounts of underground water. Also, lush patches of landscaping on your lawn could also indicate sewer problems, so it's essential to look out for both. Suppose certain trees or plants on specific spots on your property are flourishing and growing surprisingly fast compared to others. In that case, it's possible it could be because they are receiving extra nutrients and water from a leaking sewer line close by. 

Sewage Pooling in Your Yard

The presence of septic waste in your yard is an obvious sign of a broken sewer pipe. It could be caused by a broken sewer line or septic tank or a clogged drain. This cannot go ignored. This is a problem that will undoubtedly get worse if the homeowner misses it. 

Look Out for Mold

Mold could be the result of many problems, but sewer line damage is usually one of the biggest culprits. Cracks in your sewer line could cause water to leak into your home, setting the perfect environment for mold growth. Mold can cause many health complications, especially for people with respiratory problems. Be sure to contact Alliance Service Pros immediately when you notice mold growing on your walls, floors, or ceilings. 

Foundation Cracks

Apart from the health problems posed by damaged sewer lines, they could cause structural property damage. Seemingly minor sewer line problems like cracks and loose joints could cause significant damage to your property foundation with time, including sinkholes. 

Watch Our for Pests

Damaged sewer lines could provide pests with safe conduits for invading your home. Rats, insects, and other forms of unsightly pests could easily squeeze through cracks in your sewer lines and invade your home. 

Contact your local plumber if you notice signs of sewer line problems immediately. Be sure to work with a trained, licensed, and insured professional. Professional plumbing contractors can use sewer line inspections to diagnose and fix your plumbing problems accurately. 


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