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Does your Toilet Smell Bad? Here are Some Reasons Why

April 20, 2021

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Even homeowners who have the cleanest bathrooms can sometimes experience a terrible odor that emanates from the toilet itself. In most cases, it doesn’t take much for your home’s toilet to start smelling as though it hasn’t been flushed in ages – even after it’s been cleaned to within an inch of its life! Take a look at these possible reasons why your home's toilets smell a lot worse than they should.

It’s Not Being Used Regularly

When toilets sit for too long without being flushed, such as those in little-used guest bedrooms or vacant rental units, water in the bowl will evaporate. This causes smelly gases to emanate from the plumbing, which will in turn cause a nasty smell. In most cases, this can be remedied by flushing the toilet once or twice in quick succession.

Accumulating Mold

If it’s a musty odor that’s seeping from your toilet, there’s a strong chance that it’s as a result of mold that’s accumulated in piping and is making its way into the bowl. Mold also forms underneath the toilet rim over time, so it’s crucial to ensure that this part of the bowl gets cleaned regularly.

The Drain is Clogged

Toilet drains sometimes clog up, either gradually or all at once and this causes the water level in the bowl and tank to drop to below where it should be. When there isn’t enough water in the tank or it takes excessively long for it to fill up, it will allow sewer gases to emanate from the bowl area.

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A Broken Toilet Seal

There’s a round, wax ring that is situated inside the base of every toilet, and if this is damaged, broken or missing any sections, it will cause water, urine, and solid waste to leak out onto your bathroom floor. Although replacing the wax seal can sometimes be performed in a DIY capacity, it’s usually best to enlist the services of an experienced plumber because they will also check for other signs of damage while they’re busy.

A Malfunctioning Vent Pipe

A toilet’s vent pipe runs from the toilet itself up to the ceiling and it helps remove odors from your bathroom after use, while also bringing fresh air into your plumbing system. When these pipes malfunction, they cause nasty smells to linger.

A Cracked Bowl

Even the smallest crack in a toilet bowl could cause a slow leak to develop, which will worsen over time if left unattended. It can also cause the water level in the bowl to drop below where it should be, which will also cause bad smells to hang around. If any cracks are found in a toilet bowl, it’s best to replace it.

If you’ve been struggling to find the cause of the smelly toilets in your home, get in touch with our experienced plumbers today. A full assessment will be performed, and you’ll be provided with the various options that will help remedy the issue as quickly as possible.


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