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6 Signs of Needed Water Heater Repair in a Hamilton NJ Home

August 30, 2020

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When you need water heater repair in Hamilton NJ you don’t want to put this work off indefinitely! Neglecting needed repairs risks having the water heater fail completely so that you’re then left without hot water. Those repairs might also become more extensive and costlier the longer they’re ignored.

Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook signs of needed water heater repair in a Hamilton NJ home simply because they don’t associate them with a failing water heater. A homeowner might also assume that as long as there is hot water in the home then those needed repairs can wait! To ensure you always have a functioning water heater in your house, check out these often-overlooked signs of needed repairs.

Rumbling or Popping Sounds? Schedule Water Heater Repair in Hamilton

Many water heaters will make a slight humming sound when they cycle on, but rumbling or popping sounds typically indicate hard water minerals in the heater tank. Those minerals tend to harden in cool water and then soften as the water heater cycles on.

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As those minerals soften and as the tank vibrates and water flows through it, they tend to move around, creating a rumbling sound. The tank cycling on also allows air bubbles to burst from those mineral deposits, creating a slight popping sound.

Those hard water minerals build up over time and then cling to the tank walls, increasing the risk of cracks and other such damage. If you hear popping or rumbling as the tank cycles on, have it cleaned and flushed and also consider installing a water softener, to reduce the risk of damage and ensure cleaner, healthier water for you and your family!

Schedule Water Heater Repair in Hamilton for Gritty, Discolored, or Odd-Smelling Water

Inside a water heater is what’s called an anode rod, containing a steel core coated with aluminum, magnesium, or zinc. This anode rod protects the heater’s metal tank from corrosion and other damage.

A water heater’s anode rod is temporary, meant to last just a few years, after which time it dissolves. Once the anode rod dissolves, its coating typically enters your home’s water supply; in turn, you might notice gritty, discolored water. Those metallic elements might also produce some unpleasant odors, often resembling rotten eggs.

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Ultimately a homeowner should schedule plumbing maintenance and water heater checks for their home every two to three years, so that the anode rod gets replaced before it dissolves. If you’ve put off this maintenance work, however, and notice grit or discoloration in your water supply, or unpleasant odors when you turn on the tap, it’s time to schedule water heater repair in Hamilton!

Insufficient Hot Water? It’s Time for Hamilton, NJ, Water Heater Repair

If your home has always run out of hot water before the family is done showering, the appliance might simply be undersized for your needs. The same might be true if you’ve recently increased demands on the heater, such as by bringing more people into the home or upgrading to larger appliances.

However, if you’re suddenly experiencing insufficient hot water supplies, this might indicate a buildup of sediment that needs flushing. Sediment at the bottom of the tank takes up room otherwise used to store heated water and creates a barrier between the heating element and water in the tank. Flushing and cleaning the tank can remove this sediment and ensure adequate hot water supplies for you and your family!

Remember That Water Heaters Break Down Over Time

As with any other appliance in the home, your water heater will break down over time. Not only will the anode rod dissolve but the tank’s heating element often starts to fail after so many years, the tank might rust or corrode, or certain valves and other parts might seize up.

Very often these parts as well as the water holding tank itself will start to show signs of damage and breakdown long before they fail outright. An experienced plumber in Hamilton NJ will know what signs to look for along the tank, outside valves, and other elements, that indicate developing damage. Scheduling a water heater inspection once the appliance is a few years old and then every year or two after that ensures timely repairs before the water heater fails altogether.

A Leaking Tank Probably Means It’s Time for a New Water Heater

If you notice leaks around the water heater’s tank, don’t put off calling a Hamilton plumbing company. Pressure inside a leaking hot water can cause the appliance to burst, risking a serious flood and potential injury to anyone standing nearby.

valves for commercial plumbing in Hamilton

In some cases that puddle of water on the floor under your appliance might be the result of a damaged valve, which can usually be repaired or replaced. However, if the tank itself has rusted or suffered other damage, it’s probably time for a new water heater installation in a Hamilton home. Severely damaged tanks typically cannot be repairs, which is why it’s good to schedule an inspection and plumbing maintenance regularly, to avoid such costly damage.

Schedule an Inspection for Any Changes to a Home’s Hot Water Supplies

While this is a short list of some of the most common signs of needed water heater repair in Hamilton NJ, it certainly is not an exhaustive list! Some indications of damage are also very subtle and might only affect water’s overall temperature, or cause the appliance to work harder than it should to heat water, wasting power and spiking your utility costs in the process.

To ensure timely repairs, schedule an inspection for any changes to your home’s hot water supplies or if you notice anything different about the water heater itself. This includes any odd sounds or smells, or changes in how you get hot water from your home’s taps.

A homeowner might also consider a plumbing inspection if they notice a sudden increase in their utility bills. In some cases simple water heater repair in a Hamilton NJ home are all that’s needed to get the appliance working again as it should, and ensure you have plenty of hot water when it’s needed!

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