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Skillful Water Main Break Repair Serving Mercer, Camden, & Burlington County

Who To Call For A Water Main Break in NJ

At Alliance Service Pros Plumbing and Heating, we know how catastrophic it can be when you have a water main break repair in NJ. It's not a situation that you can put on your to-do list to deal with later. When water is spraying everywhere, whether you can see it or not, it's a huge dilemma.

We have experienced, professional, licensed, trained, and highly-skilled master plumbers that know how to detect your water main break right away. It's our number one priority to keep you safe and comfortable, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
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A Burst Pipe Requires Immediate Action

Freezing and thawing pipes, overgrown tree roots, high water pressure, and other environmental issues can lead to a burst pipe. These are all situations that you can't control, but you are in charge of what happens next.

Alliance Service Pros offers a comprehensive plumbing service that other plumbing companies don't provide. That's because we know that plumbing emergencies happen, and you can't afford to wait. By putting it off, you're only going to cause significant and rather expensive problems for your property.

When you call us, we give you a time for arrival, even if it's just a short time later. What we tell you is what we stick to when it comes to your appointment time too. If we show up late, we give you $5 for every minute with our on-time guarantee.
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Modern Methods For A Water Main Break Repair in Mercer County

Has a friend or family member ever shared their experience with you after they had a water main break in the Mercer county area? There are plumbers out there that will do the work, but they aren't nearly as careful or respectful. Those that choose the other guys often are left with a yard that's completely torn up. That's because they don't have the advanced technology for leak detection that we do.

Our plumbing team will use our electric devices and find exactly where the damaged line is before we start digging. When we do have to unearth your soil, we will put it right back where it was before we leave. You'll have your burst pipe repaired or replaced, and your lawn looking as close to the way as it did before we arrived as possible.
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Indicators of a Water Main Break You Can't Ignore

In all instances, our team of master plumbing contractors in NJ will use our high-tech, non-invasive equipment to complete leak detection that causes minimal damage to your yard or property. After we pinpoint the location of the issue, we will repair the precise spot without disturbing other areas.

However, in some situations, a water main break repair in New Jersey can lead to a replacement rather than a repair. If you've noticed any of these problems, prepare yourself for water line installation:

  • A significant drop in water pressure
  • Whistling pipes
  • Pooling water in the yard

You can trust that if we can fix it, we will. If we tell you that you need a complete water line replacement, we're giving you honest answers.



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They had replaced the potable water piping my home earlier this past spring due to leaks. I was well pleased of their work, professional experience and hired them to installed a new hot water tank. Again my experience with them hasn't changed! A great group of plumbers and technicians. They will work with you.
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Well, we might not make your dinner or take your dog for a walk, but if it's a plumbing repair, maintenance, or installation service you have in front of you, we're who to call. We do all residential and commercial plumbing and cover it all with our 5-Year warranties!

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